Full Profile to Speak on Blockchain Panel at Fintech Australia's Collab/Collide Summit

Emma will be joining a lineup of Aussie and international speakers at the 2016 Fintech Australia Collab/Collide Summit in Melbourne. Emma will be talking on the Blockchain panel. 

This event hopes to bring the FinTech ecosystem together to network and connect, as well as:

  • launch the results of the inaugural Australian FinTech Census
  • debate the cutting edge of global regulatory and technology developments in Data, Robo Advice, Alternative Finance, Payments and Blockchain
  • bring the whole FinTech Ecosystem together - Startups, Corporates, Government and Regulators - to define and declare Australia’s place on an increasingly global stage

The agenda features debates about the latest local and global policy developments in fintech areas such as open data, blockchain / digital currencies, digital / robo-advice, alternative finance and payments. It will also focus on specific skills needed to help fintech startups thrive and grow in Australia, and promote best innovative fintech practices in a collaborative, open and transparent manner.

We hope to see you there!