AFR on "Why Trade Finance is a Good Use Case for Blockchain"

Blockchain is getting quite a bit of press in Australia recently. We're thrilled to be part of the conversation, with mention of our AgriDigital solution in the agri-commodity management space included in AFR's recent article on the potential for blockchain in trade finance.

As the article explains, not only are banks paying attention to this space, but startups are actually deploying technology and testing use cases. 

CBA has completed more than 25 blockchain-related experiments over the past year and now reckons trade finance is one of the areas offering the most potential for blockchain, which refers to networks of computers holding synchronised copies of information. 

It's increasingly clear that Australia really is a leader in this space, and that there's a huge potential for Australian industry to benefit. 

Australia should consider itself a start-up in the development of blockchain applications, and with the technology moving into pilots around the makes sense to develop local capability for the technology to be applied in ways that suit our economy and society. 

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