What is a "Full Profile"?

"Full Profile" is an important concept for growers. But it's not a term that everyone is familiar with. Here's a quick overview of what it means, and why it is the inspiration behind our company name. 

When farmers have a “full profile,” their fields (or "paddocks", as we call them here in Australia) have reached the maximum moisture holding capacity. In industry parlance this means the famer has the optimal paddock conditions for planting a bumper crop.

Farmers with a “full profile” justifiably have high expectations of their crop’s potential. They are eagerly looking forward to the ensuing seasonal conditions, hoping they will continue to be favorable. 

We at Full Profile believe that technology can help every agribusiness to operate from a “full profile”.

Farmers are incredible risk managers. In addition to price, farmers must deal with a huge number of variables every year. For example: 

  • temperature
  • rainfall
  • soil conditions
  • crop choice and varieties
  • pests and weeds
  • nutrient levels
  • harvest readiness
  • quality

Farmers make decisions both intuitively and increasingly with analytical and data-backed support. We at Full Profile are using cutting edge technologies, such as blockchain, to help farmers make these decisions and achieve a "full profile".  We are uniquely able to provide this support, given our extensive agricultural experience as farmers and as industry professionals. Our focus on state-of-the art technologies and our in-depth agribusiness experience combine to allow our clients to do better business.

As we like to say, we know that farming isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be this hard!