Finovate Fall’s Best in Show, According to the Full Profile Team

Over the past 10 months, we’ve seen some awesome work in FinTech. Sydney is rapidly emerging as a leading hub for FinTech innovation, and we’ve been fortunate to live right at the center of it as part of Stone and Chalk and through various meetups, reports, and conferences.

Last week we presented at FinovateFall in NYC. This two-day conference was jam packed with seven-minute demos by leading FinTech companies from around the world. Though they have seen over 2,000 demos, we were proud to be the first ever AgTech startup on stage at Finovate!

At the end of each day, the audience was asked to vote for their top 3 presentations. The winners, 6 in total, were announced at the end of the final day, and you can see them here. These demos were awesome and there were some clear top picks for everyone.

But, we saw things slightly different to the voting of the public, so here are our top picks, in no particular order. 

Full Profile Team’s Top 5 Picks for FinovateFall Best in Show: 

  • Avoka    Avoka Exchange is an online marketplace for FinTech apps that makes digital customer acquisition faster and simpler. We liked the simplicity of the solution and the presentation. We also liked the fact that Avoka originally hail from Sydney, although they are now headquartered in Denver. Follow @avokatech
  • Backbase    No news here- these guys were awarded a best in show and it was thoroughly deserved. Already a leader in the customer onboarding experience, Backbase demoed their “60-Second Onboarding” which leverages the latest mobile technologies to deliver simplified KYC and data gathering, making o onboarding ridiculously simple across all bank channels. Follow @backbase
  • Clinc    For many attendees, Clinc and their BankCoach product was the demo of the Conference. Using advanced AI, BankCoach can interpret natural language (English only at this stage) to provide personalized responses to questions users have of their bank accounts, such as “Have I been spending too much lately going out?” or “Last time I was in New York I went to an awesome restaurant, what was it?” A word of warning: this is still in beta and the website is underwhelming. But watch this space- this was true innovation and we loved it!
  • M1 Finance    Truly customizable portfolio creation for wealth management with an intuitive investment platform. M1 Finance is delivering what customers really want: control, low cost wealth management, and access to a variety of investments and asset classes. And all of it is automated! This is a product that we all felt like we would use. Follow @m1_finance
  • MapD    We cannot understand why these guys did not get a gong. MapD is billed as the world’s fastest data exploration platform. Powered by GPUs, MapD delivers next-gen visual analytics across multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds. If seeing is believing, we saw it! MapD makes data analytics immersive and interactive. Follow @datarefined

Finovate will post the videos from all the demos here (at the time of writing, the videos for Finovate Fall 2016 are not up yet), and you can check out our demo here

Where was the blockchain?

It was interesting to see that including us there were only 3 Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology companies presenting at Finovate, and two of them were Australian (us and Identitii). This goes to show that we are leading the field here in Australia.

Blockchain is still in its early stages: there is very little in commercial production, and truly effective use cases are still being developed and tested. At Full Profile, we know that leadership comes with challenge but also with amazing opportunity. Finovate was a great reminder of how far we have come as a company and gave us inspiration for the journey ahead. 

Thanks for Making Finovate a Huge Success!

Overall, the conference was a fantastic event and a great opportunity for Full Profile. We were able to meet with other companies on similar journeys, share our own story, and of course increase excitement for the AgriDigital platform and FIRST EVER live in-market pilot of blockchain for the settlement of physical agri-commodities.

Finally, a big shout out and thanks for all of your support along the way and especially the hundreds and hundreds (literally) of tweets, retweets, DMs and emails of encouragement we received during Finovate. We read every one and shared amongst our team- it was truly amazing. Thank you.